Ackermans magazine

It’s a leisurely read full of parenting and fashion tips, and is repurposed for easy mobile use on the website, with added advice-driven videos. All content is created to work closely with the company’s social media strategy.

In the late 1990s Ackermans asked New Media to produce a magazine for its customers. Today there’s a full family of content channels alongside, but the focus remains the same: valuable advice, whether on parenting or beauty, me-time ideas and inspirational articles that build rewarding relationships between customers and this trusted brand.

We have also extended our relationship with the company to create Phadima Life, an internal communications magazine that is sent to its employes.


Phadima Life

Published quarterly and distributed to Ackermans employees (Phadimas), Phadima Life delivers up-to-date company and staff news. Phadima Life gives employees a clear picture of the status of their company and the people who work there. Quarterly results and financial milestones, store openings, campaign successes, customer insights , CSI initiatives and stories of Phadimas going above and beyond are all shared and celebrated.