Our PurplePeople

Brilliant talent, diversity, collaboration and balance

New Media is a values-driven business and creating the compelling, authentic content that we do starts with a people-first attitude. It means creating an environment of trust and confidence to let our talents and expertise shine. And it’s about creating balance: recognising and supporting what sustains our New Media family – our loved ones, our friends and our recreational pursuits.

Our leadership team

Team Member Image
Aileen Lamb
Chief Executive Officer
Team Member Image
Rushda Scott
Head of People
Team Member Image
Andrew Nunneley
Director: Strategy
Team Member Image
Megan Singh
Head of Business Intelligence
Team Member Image
Dev Naidoo
General Manager: B2B
Team Member Image
Brent Smith
Head of Brand Communication

Our values

Show Up

We approach our work with passion, pace and enthusiasm, going the extra mile to create innovative solutions that positively impact those around us. We are consistent and uncompromising in living our values, taking ownership of our own work and ensuring we bring out the best in others.

Team Up

We take care of each other and commit to creating an environment where everyone feels safe, respected and a sense of belonging. We’re collaborative, embracing diversity and learning from our teams, our clients and our broader community. And we’re nice to each other – because the happiness of our people matters.

Speak Up

We create space for all to be heard, listening first and listening fully. We’re willing to ask any question, while freely sharing our ideas and knowledge and helping others to find their own voice. We adapt to grow and our minds are always open to possibilities.

Level Up

We consistently look for opportunities to learn and grow, and create magic by always striving to be better. We exceed expectations and drive a culture of excellence, enthusiastically acknowledging and celebrating outstanding work. We tell stories that really matter and that make people feel.