How we transformed an internal campaign into a social media hit

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Case study: CCBA #WomenLead

Using personal stories and strategic content, CCBA’s #WomenLead campaign resonated internally and externally, driving awareness and engagement.

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA) is the eighth-largest Coca-Cola bottling partner worldwide by revenue and the biggest in Africa. Employing 17 000 people, their 40 bottling plants service more than 680 000 customer outlets across 15 African countries. This is a company that prioritises their people and ethical practices, and values how they work as much as what they achieve.

The opportunity

CCBA champions inclusive economic opportunities for the youth, people with disabilities and women of the communities in which they operate, empowering them through entrepreneurship and employability training. Seeking to showcase their impact and internal commitment to diversity, CCBA tasked internal communications partner New Media with creating an internal campaign and expanding it to a wider external audience. They aimed to both motivate current employees and attract future talent by demonstrating their values and impact.

The solution

Our response was simple: create content that, with minimal tweaks, could be used across internal communications platforms such as Yammer (now Viva Engage) and Spotlight (CCBA’s video showcase) and externally on LinkedIn.

As seasoned content creators, we knew that personal stories would convey the real impact of CCBA’s strategic and targeted efforts. To that end, we sourced pictures and pre-existing videos from across the 15 markets where CCBA operates, telling stories of women in communities and from within the business who were benefitting from these efforts.

We designed an effective but simple look and feel to give the campaign its critical cohesion and context, and that could be easily adapted across videos and stills of wildly varying quality and orientation.

To help maximise the impact of the campaign, we reorientated long-running Viva Engage series, such as Monday Motivation quotes and our regular Have Your Say employee video clips, further bolstering the length, strength and content variety of the campaign.

The result was CCBA Focus on Women, with the hashtag #WomenLead, which enabled a wide range of content to be clearly identified as part of the company’s commitment to creating an inclusive culture internally – and inclusive economic opportunities externally.

The results

Running from 2 February to 10 March 2023, and covering International Day of Women and Girls in Science through to International Women’s Day, the 31-post organic LinkedIn campaign achieved:

  • 340 769 impressions
  • 6 067 clicks
  • 4 429 likes

Internally, the campaign ran on Viva Engage from 10 February to 30 March. #WomenLead posts claimed five of the top 10 most engaged posts on the One CCBA all-company community for March.

Without a doubt, the work done by New Media is the single game-changing factor that has resulted in our successful launch and sustained employee adoption of our CCBA Yammer platform. Their consistent execution of the strategy and leadership support have enabled us to create a truly interactive community for our people when we needed it most. Looking forward to scaling new heights with this remarkable team!”

Wendy Thole-Muir, Group Head, Corporate Reputation and Communication: CCBA
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