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Eat Out is the definitive guide to culinary excellence in South Africa. We are dedicated to showcasing the finest restaurants – those that continually strive for the highest standards.

Through the Eat Out Woolworths Restaurant Awards, our mission is to guide consumers to remarkable dining experiences where excellence, consistency and innovation are paramount.


Eat Out’s commitment is to spotlight restaurants that embody consistency, attention to detail and refinement. From the quality of ingredients to the skilful preparation and delivery of flavourful dishes, Eat Out celebrates those who excel in their craft. We recognise and applaud establishments that push the boundaries, exploring new and innovative approaches to delight palates.


Eat Out curates a list of memorable dining experiences that stand out for their superior quality and craftsmanship. We ensure that every star restaurant featured on our platforms has been meticulously vetted by our scouts and judges, guaranteeing that consumers encounter only the best culinary offerings in SA.



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