This isPurple Power

New Media is a full-service digital agency with a reputation for powerful storytelling and technology.

We craft content that ignites emotions, builds brand love and delivers a proven return on investment. Backed by 25 years of experience and over 200 awards, we’ve become trusted partners for Africa’s leading brands. Our storytelling expertise helps companies across many industries achieve their strategic goals and forge lasting relationships with their customers and employees.

What’s the secret? To tell a great story, you need to combine empathy and insight – or heart and smarts. That’s where our Purple People shine.

Global reach
New Media thrives on a dynamic balance of established backing and independent innovation. As a division of Media24 and a part of Naspers, we have a global support network to call on. But we operate completely independently, allowing us all the flexibility, responsiveness and innovation of a fiercely passionate small company.
Purpose built for success
Established in 1998, New Media was a pioneer of content marketing in South Africa. Our acquisition of Swipe iX, a digital solutions agency renowned for its scalable tech, brought exceptional platform development into our wheelhouse. In 2023, we further bolstered our offerings by pressing play on Reddish Blue, an expert team dedicated to meeting the demand for quality, affordable moving content produced at scale. Our combined expertise and focus on streamlined processes ensure seamless collaboration on projects of any size.
New Media’s work has been recognised worldwide, with over 200 awards across various categories. We’ve been especially successful at the International Content Marketing Awards in London, and at the Content Council Pearl Awards, Eddie & Ozzie Awards and Content Marketing Awards in New York. Our talent has turned heads locally too, with wins at the New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards, the SA Publication Forum Awards and the PICA Awards.
Results that really count
We leverage innovative technology to go beyond basic analytics and deliver real, quantifiable value to our clients. We don’t just track clicks, we track ROI. By working with you to develop custom formulas, we translate our content’s impact into hard numbers. This data-driven approach ensures our strategies are specific, measurable and translate directly to a positive financial impact for your business.

Life at New Media

Our values

New Media is built on collaboration, dedication and continuous learning. We believe in fostering a culture where everyone shows up, speaks up, teams up and, ultimately, levels up. This translates directly into the work we deliver for our clients, ensuring it reflects the passion and expertise of our talented Purple People.

How we work

We embrace a flexible work environment. This empowers our team of 180 individuals (with a whopping 1 203 years of combined experience!) to design their workday in a way that optimises both productivity and personal wellbeing. While our offices serve as our central hubs, we foster a collaborative spirit that thrives regardless of location.