Marrying the art of the story with the science of consumer insight and clever distribution leads to winning campaigns.
Since inception, New Media has operated on the principle that only the highest-quality content will do. We believe there’s simply too much average content out there and that, to stand out, editorial and creative excellence is a must. That’s why we’ve always employed the top editors and art directors in the country.

We create emotional connections that matter

Great content is about telling stories that matter to people – and making sure they actually see those stories. Emotion is the greatest driver of human behaviour. Doing less content, but content that actually makes people feel, is more powerful than the generation of content for activity’s sake.

We generate measurable ROI for our clients

Our ideas are born from solid insights and are given long life by clever and constantly evolving distribution methods. But we don’t just stop there – measurable results are key. All the work we do for our clients is to achieve a business outcome and we’re well down the road of being able to prove ROI in traditionally murky waters.
In SA, we’re in the very early stages of measuring customer engagement through to point of sale. This means less emphasis on metrics such as views and shares and more on actual rands and cents. Reaching a smaller but more engaged audience with content that actually adds value to their lives has a far higher impact on sales than reaching a massive audience that’s just browsing.

We choose brave

Tying our skills to a culture of client service and the courage to question why we do things in a particular way has resulted in a highly successful business that New Medians can be proud of.

What we can do for you

Our core services are content strategy and production, coupled with market research, consumer insights and analytics. We do multi-platform campaigns, websites, social media, mailers, videography, photography, repro, print and advertising sales. We also have two studio spaces for hire.

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New Media, a division of Media24 (Pty) Ltd

New Media is a division of Media24. While we operate independently, in separate buildings, with a different culture and our own management team, we enjoy the valuable backing of Media24. Our head office in Cape Town is home to over 100 people and our Johannesburg office houses approximately 60 employees. We are a level 3 BBBEE supplier.

Company registration number: 1950/038385/0